Come follow me and I‘’ll make you fishers of men

Mark 1:17

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The Potters House Christian Church Hurstville Come Join Us.


As a church we are focused on winning the world for Jesus. Evangelism is a large part of who we are, what we do and what we believe.


One of the distinctives of our fellowship is the deliberate making of disciples. We are called preach, see conversions, make disciples and plant Churches.

Church Planting

Our Church has a culture of evangelism, discipleship and church planting. We have a vision to plant churches across the entire Southern Region of Sydney and beyond. God raises up couples and prepares them for ministry therefore we send them out to win that city for Jesus and establish a self supported fellowship Church.


Sunday School


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Sample Text

Changed Lives

Hi my Name is Erin, I grew up in a Christian home. It was my mum, dad and my older sister. We went to church so I knew a bit about god.When I was seven my parents got apply now a divorce. I didn’t really understand what was happening. It became normal to only see my dad every second weekend but I did miss himPotter

Erin Crockett
Erin CrockettChurch MemberPotters House Hurstville

Hi, My name is Timothy, In my younger years I was a Christian, but I had left the faith and was what I would call “backslidden”. I found myself in and out of an abusive relationship and often thought to myself “what is my purpose in life”? I found myself making the wrong decisions which lead to drug taking and realized this was putting me on a sure path to an early death.

Timothy Ragg
Timothy RaggChurch MemberPotters House Hurstville

From a young age I was looking for love in all the wrong places. By 19 I was married but separated, pregnant and homeless….

Princess Muntelwit
Princess Muntelwit

Life as a child was tough so I learnt to be tough. School became a place of gangs, drugs and crime and all the wrong people….

Natthacha Sciacca
Natthacha SciaccaChurch Member

Smoking weed and drinking from the age of 10. Kicked out of home, kicked out of school, kicked by the world….

Tamatoa MorungaChurch Member


Sunday Service Times
  • 9.30am- Adult Bible Hour
  • 10.30am- Morning Service
  • 6.30pm- Evening service
 Wednesday Service Times
  • 7.30pm- Evening Service

Friday Home Bible Studies

  • 7.30pm- At Various Locations

Summer Outreach Season Taking the Gospel outside the four walls of the church

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